What is a Multi-Channel Number?

What does the slogan “Communicate from anywhere in the world at competitive prices from any gadget” mean?

Let’s figure out what is Multi-Channel Number and in the other articles, we’ll be able to answer the question how many sip trunks do i need. This phone number has several channels, through which you can simultaneously make and receive calls.

Traditionally, if you call from a phone number, you can not receive an incoming call. The multichannel number gives more opportunities because your employees can simultaneously serve more calls.


The general meaning of this service is that besides the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which is essentially a service for voice over the Internet, you can receive several channels for one number. For example, you are already talking on the phone, and you receive a second call, and then the third, fourth, etc. In the usual case, the third and subsequent ones will receive a busy signal. And in this case, you can leave on hold or redirect the call and switch to the next call. For normal use, this service is unlikely to be of interest, but for companies that have a large incoming call flow to the dispatcher who in turn tosses calls to other managers and specialists will be very interesting, especially since now one can not become attached to one point, Where the device is installed, and move wherever there is operator coverage.

That is, virtually all calls are transferred to the Internet. So you can even be abroad of Ukraine and still receive calls or make outgoing calls. Since the connection is via the Internet, in addition to the phone number of the call, there will be added IP address from which you are accessing the Internet. If this address is abroad, then within the operator’s network calls will be free of charge, but calls to fixed numbers and other mobile operators will be charged.

Communicate with business partners and colleagues is much easier. Your phone number is now always with you. To use the services of an operator, you only need to have equipment with the ability to connect to the Internet and software.