SMS Termination: Additional Income from The Equipment

In our previous articles, we talked a lot about what GSM-termination of voice traffic is, how to conduct this business and how much you can earn in such a project.

Let us remind briefly: GSM-termination is the delivery of international mobile calls to the end user via local SIM cards of mobile operators. You may have encountered similar activity in everyday life when You are waiting for a call from another country, but on the screen of Your mobile, You see the home local number of the mobile operator. This is the reality of GSM terminators.

Today we want to share with you another way to make money in this direction, mainly the wholesale SMS termination. SMS termination is the delivery of international SMS, as well as SMS from the Internet, through local SIM-cards of mobile operators. The principle is the same as the termination of voice traffic. That is, suppose a person from abroad wants to write you an SMS. The person writes the text of the SMS, dials your number and presses “send”. After that, his SMS gets to his mobile operator, whose SIM card he uses. Then the mobile operator chooses the route by which it will deliver you this SMS. This route should have a good price/quality ratio.

Why is it profitable to deal with SMS termination

Therefore, such SMS is cheaper and more reliable to deliver over the Internet, with the help of transit operators (intermediaries). And the reseller should choose a further route to deliver the SMS to You. And the most profitable and high-quality route are GSM-terminator systems (consisting of GSM-gateways and SIM-boxes). That is, the transit operator sends this SMS to the GSM terminator system and pays it for each SMS the international cost of SMS. A GSM-terminator, in turn, pays for the same SMS-message only local cost, and it is often free or worth a penny. On average, earnings on the termination of SMS-messages in the CIS region is about 3-5$ per day with each SIM card. Not as bad as you think?

Earnings on the termination of SMS-messages in the CIS region is about 3-5$ per day with each SIM card

The same principle is used for mass SMS-mailing from various Internet services: Facebook, Instagram, online banking, online stores and much more. Every day these services make millions of mailings to their subscribers. Therefore, the larger the volume of the SIM Bank in the GSM-terminator, the more SMS can pass the system at the same time, the Higher the profit.

The indisputable advantage of SMS-termination is that mobile operators do not block SIM cards as intensively as when terminating voice traffic. In addition, if You have a solution for the termination, the blocking of SIM cards will be generally scanty, because most SMS termination systems have strong software and a perfect simulation of the behavior of a live subscriber, which will allow You to work with even greater efficiency.

Well, if You want to squeeze the maximum profit from the work of each SIM card in Your system, then You will approach the option of combined termination: voice traffic + SMS. The system allows you to simultaneously pass voice and SMS traffic. At the same time, most systems have a very simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to track and calculate every missed minute and SMS, see detailed statistics and reports on the system. Another way to use the SMS system in the direction of SMS is to make mass SMS-mailing. Our technical support team will prescribe a ready-made script for sending SMS, as well as SMS system can be integrated with various online platforms for mass sending SMS via API.

We hope that this article was interesting for You, and maybe some of You will want to try their hand in this profitable direction.

Based on the information provided by SMS-Smart – SMS marketing platform.