Setting up SIP Internet Telephony on Android (built-in Android Soft-phone)

Android has a built-in softphone that can be used instead of third-party applications like 3CX Phone and others. The built-in softphone is very simple and convenient to use. It supports multiple accounts (SIP accounts), works well with many SIP operators. It can be configured only for outgoing calls or register with a SIP server and receive incoming calls.

 Setting up SIP Internet telephony on Android

How to configure:

  • Press the “Menu” button, then press the “Settings” button,
  • Then “Configure Calls”
  • Setting up SIP Internet telephony on Android
  • SIP settings in the “Setting up Internet telephony”
  • Setting up SIP Internet telephony on Android

The “Use the Internet” menu allows you to choose which SIP accounts to use for calls.

The menu option Only for Internet calls means that only the SIP URL addresses will be called via the Internet connection, for example, the call to +79627277780 will automatically go to the mobile network, and the call to [email protected] will go through the SIP connection.

This is how the phone numbers will look if you have received a call from your SIP account on your phone.

Setting up SIP Internet telephony on Android

After choosing the desired mode of outgoing calls, proceed to set up accounts:

Accepting incoming calls means that the phone will register with the SIP server and calls will be sent to you on the phone.

Add account:

For example, the SIP provider provided us with the following credentials:

  • UserID = xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • AuthID = xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Password = xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Domain (SIP proxy) = [email protected] input your data) (if the port for the SIP proxy is not specified separately, it is equal to 5060)

Next, open advanced settings if you want to change the port number and protocol (usually UDP)

Then press the back button to apply the settings.

If all the settings are specified correctly below the account, the following message will appear: Incoming calls are accepted (if the jack is receiving incoming calls).

If the settings are incorrect, you will receive a message stating that the registration failed and the reason.

Disadvantages of SIP  solution at Android:

  • Works only over Wi-Fi network.
  • If you have multiple accounts just before the SIP call, you cannot choose before the call which of them you use. The record that will be used is selected during the configuration of accounts.
  • You cannot configure work with certain codecs and DTMF.