Main Advantages of SIP-telephony

This type of telephony is so convenient and practical that it actively replaces traditional telephony. First of all, among the SIP trunking benefits especially for business Рand it is not surprising because it allows you to economically and quickly provide the company with a connection for communicating internally and externally.

Consider the advantages of this type of connection:

Cheaper than connecting and setting up an analog office PBX.

You will have at your disposal a multi-channel number that will never be occupied (if you have enough staff). Also, you can increase the number of operators in the corporate network without significant costs.

Fast telephone installation at the company.

If real estate agents say about good apartments “come in and live”, then SIP-telephony is “come and work”. Even if you just moved into an office with bare walls and there’s nothing except a computer and headphones with a headset. You may not even have the Internet – quality 3G connection is enough.

You pay for the calls at basic tariffs for telephone services – regardless of where the subscriber is.

SIP numbers are cheaper than installing an ordinary telephone line. This is especially convenient for telephoning large enterprises with a large number of branches and departments that are located in different locations.

SIP-telephony allows combining data about calls with 1C, CRM, systems of analytics.

In addition, it will make your business more efficient with this data. For example, due to SIP-telephony, calls can be monitored. And with the help of a call-tracking, you can see from which advertising sources customers come to you – and make the right decisions to increase sales.

Monitoring and Analysis System

With the help of SIP-telephony and co-tracking, you can monitor the load on the sales department, its effectiveness, and control every manager, by listening to his calls. All this will increase the level of service and will affect the percentage of closing transactions.

There is no restriction on geography.

For example, Ringostat allows you to connect SIP numbers in any part of the world, where the SIP-telephony is available. Some other providers provide high-quality communication in North America, Europe and most of Asia.

SIP-numbers of different countries can be connected to the call center or the sales department, regardless of its location. For example, for the Moscow office, you can connect incoming numbers in Kiev, Minsk, London, etc.

Good protection from listening, unlike traditional telephone lines.

You can create a remote call center by allocating SIP numbers for it – so you will save on equipment and office rental.

Flexible settings

you can configure a complex call forwarding scheme between departments and managers, voice mail, answering machine, IVR (voice menu). You can build a queue of calls, depending on the employment of managers, record conversations, etc.

Thanks to SIP-telephony, you can configure the callback form on the site. Sometimes it allows increasing the number of calls by 50%.

You can configure your virtual PBX in accordance with your working schedule and days off. For example, it can forward calls coming outside of business hours to employees’ mobile numbers.


SIP-telephony – an excellent solution for start-up businesses and companies that are practical in approaching the organization of business processes. This is not only an opportunity to save but also to improve the level of customer service, as well as build a full-fledged analytics for the company. That is why SIP-telephony is becoming more and more popular.