Alternative Search Engines for Industry-specific Search

Scientific search engines

  1. Scirus (

Universal scientific search engine. Carries out a full-text search in articles of journals of most large foreign publishing houses (about 17 million articles), articles in large archives of articles and preprints, scientific Internet resources (more than 250 million indexed pages). It has been repeatedly recognized as the best-specialized search engine.

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VoIP Technology on the Way of Improving Communication

In the situation when one of the family members is overseas and there is only one number to connect, it becomes expensive as hell to connect directly from the mobile or a landline. Thinking about the international call charges it suddenly occurs that calling once a week might be better to save money or to keep within the monthly budget that is there. Continue reading “VoIP Technology on the Way of Improving Communication”

Setting up SIP Internet Telephony on Android (built-in Android Soft-phone)

Android has a built-in softphone that can be used instead of third-party applications like 3CX Phone and others. The built-in softphone is very simple and convenient to use. It supports multiple accounts (SIP accounts), works well with many SIP operators. It can be configured only for outgoing calls or register with a SIP server and receive incoming calls. Continue reading “Setting up SIP Internet Telephony on Android (built-in Android Soft-phone)”

What is a Multi-Channel Number?

What does the slogan “Communicate from anywhere in the world at competitive prices from any gadget” mean?

Let’s figure out what is Multi-Channel Number and in the other articles, we’ll be able to answer the question how many sip trunks do i need. This phone number has several channels, through which you can simultaneously make and receive calls.

Traditionally, if you call from a phone number, you can not receive an incoming call. The multichannel number gives more opportunities because your employees can simultaneously serve more calls. Continue reading “What is a Multi-Channel Number?”

A Good Book to Read About SIP Trunking – “SIP Trunking“ Book Review

The book on IP communications, which is created especially to help network administrator in the development of voice and IP telephony technologies, plan and develop solutions for converged networks. The book provides guidance on planning, evaluating and implementing solutions based on SIP. Most large enterprises have switched or switched to IP telephony, the networks of the vast majority of operators and service providers have implemented IP telephony. But still, there are operators and enterprises that still use connections based on old and poorly scalable TDM trunks. Continue reading “A Good Book to Read About SIP Trunking – “SIP Trunking“ Book Review”

Ways to Connect via SIP: Trunk, SIP Accounts. What is The Difference?

Today, the switching of telephony to VOIP (Voice over IP) is in full swing. As a basic protocol, SIP (Session Initial Protocol) is the one most often used. The versatility of the protocol can cause confusion – it can be connected to both ordinary subscriber terminals (SIP phones, SIP adapters, soft phones, etc.), and VoIP nodes (from IP PBX to Softswitch and Gateways with E1 etc.). The following are important connection characteristics for SIP. Continue reading “Ways to Connect via SIP: Trunk, SIP Accounts. What is The Difference?”

SIP Registration, Brunch, Softphone and Other Scary Words of Cloud Exchange Systems

Internet technology is a very big thing. Sometimes it happens that one develop different software, for different OS, using different programming languages for fifteen years and it seems to him that he knows a lot. Then a step to the side – and there Narnia  – SIP, RTP, SDP and PBX. The last few months, we are pretty busy with voice telephony, and several times I caught myself thinking that the documented area for beginners is not that very good. Well, if for some reason ten articles “IP telephony from scratch” is not written yet, then this is a good opportunity to write a post for a wide range of readers. Long posts I do not really like, so I’ll tell you a small, but the interesting part of the theory: how the cloud telephony systems interact with each other and with telecommunication companies. Continue reading “SIP Registration, Brunch, Softphone and Other Scary Words of Cloud Exchange Systems”