Alternative Search Engines for Industry-specific Search

Scientific search engines

  1. Scirus (

Universal scientific search engine. Carries out a full-text search in articles of journals of most large foreign publishing houses (about 17 million articles), articles in large archives of articles and preprints, scientific Internet resources (more than 250 million indexed pages). It has been repeatedly recognized as the best-specialized search engine.

Recently, it became possible to install the Scirus browser

This will allow you to search in Scirus directly from your browser, quickly move between search results for different queries, highlight words from search queries on the pages found. Having seen an interesting scientific site, you can offer to add it to the index of this search engine by pressing one button.

  1. Google Scholar

A search engine for scientific literature. Includes articles from major scientific publishing houses, archives of preprints, publications on the websites of universities, scientific societies, and other scientific organizations. Searches for articles, including in Russian.

What is not unimportant, it calculates the citation index of publications and allows you to find articles containing links to those that have already been found.

  1. Science Research Portal

A scientific search engine that performs full-text search in journals of many major scientific publishing houses, such as Elsevier, Highwire, IEEE, Nature, Taylor & Francis, etc. Searches for articles and documents in open scientific databases Data: Directory of Open Access Journals, Library of Congress Online Catalog,, and Scientific News.

  1. Windows Live Academic

Beta version of a scientific search engine from Microsoft. Designed for searching scientific articles both in open sources and in archives of publications with paid access. At the moment (August 2006), only articles on physics, computer technology, electrical engineering, and related disciplines have been introduced into the system.

  1. Infotrieve – article finder

Search for articles in more than 35,000 journals in physics, technology, medicine, jurisprudence, etc. You can search only in a specific area of ​​science. You can read annotations.

Full texts of articles right there, but for money (~ $ 20 per article). Search Article [AD]

  1. Medline

Search for articles on medical topics. Created by the US National Library of Medicine, this database includes articles from more than 3,900 medical and biological journals published in 71 countries. In practice, the topic is much broader than only medical, since the database includes articles from all journals in which such an article may appear (for example, Physical Review E).

Also Medline, but with a different interface: and Search Medline [AD]

  1. Search in HighWire Press + Medline

HighWire Press is a large repository of scientific journals providing free full-text access to their articles (968 journals, 1.39 million articles). This search engine allows full-text searches in these journals + Medline searches. Free articles can be downloaded immediately.

  1. SourceMe

    SourceMe – is a large database and a B2B marketplace of industrial components. It lists a huge number of various rotary encoders, linear encoders, cameras, industrial sensors which are applied in many industries for manufacturing. Learn more on the website.

  2. 9.e-Print ArXive

Los Alamos Electronic Publications Archive. This is a collection of copies of articles on physics, mathematics, nonlinear dynamics, computer science.

The purpose of creation is the free exchange of scientific information. Conscious authors place their articles here before publication, and sometimes even without it. Contains a search engine for thematic sections.

  1. ResearchIndex (

A scientific search engine that indexes PostScript and PDF articles from scientific websites. Many articles (at the request of the authors) are available for free download. In addition to full-text search for articles, the system also searches for links to a given publication or author.

  1. Scientopica (

Scientific search engine and catalog of scientific resources. SciNet – Science search (

Advertises itself as the first of the scientific search engines. Combined with a catalog of scientific resources.

Search for articles on the sites of scientific publishers

  • Elsevier Publishing ( Search Elsevier Magazines (Physics Letters A, Physica D itc.).
  • Springer Publishing ( Search Springer Magazines (Biological Cybernetics itc.). Blackwell Publishers (
  • Search Blackwell Publishers magazines. Journals published by the Ioffe Institute (
  • Journals: ZhTF, Letters to ZhTF, Solid State Physics, Physics and Technology of Semiconductors. There is a search engine for titles, authors, and abstracts of articles (without word forms). Articles are available for free download.
  • World Scientific Publishing (
  • Search the journals of the publisher (for example, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Science and Engineering).


  • Zentralblatt MATH database (
  • Searches for mathematical papers dating back to 1931. The database was created by the European Mathematical Society and the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences. Contains over 1.8 million documents.
  • EULER search engine ( Search engine for mathematical literature. Promises to become the largest search engine in this area. The data will be provided by the above-mentioned Zentralblatt MATH service and a number of other mathematical libraries and electronic archives.
  • MathSearch ( A search engine specializing in sites and articles on mathematics and statistics. Created by the University of Sydney. The database contains about 300 thousand documents.
  • Directory of Mathematics Preprint and e-Print Servers ( Directory of links to archives of preprints and electronic publications in mathematics. The creators aim to collect data on all such resources around the world.


  • – The worldwide search engine of the chemical industry (
  • Chemical Resource Search Engine.


  • Bibliography File Search ( As the authors put it, Experimental Search Engine. Searches for articles on nonlinear dynamics. It works slowly, but the results are good enough.

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